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Scouting VIDEOS

Colleges Seeking Top Athletes  



We can help with your scouting by providing highlight videos or full game videos of athletes in whom you are interested. That saves you time and travel costs.


We can videotape the athletes or can obtain footage    from the school or athlete. If full game video is supplied  to you, we can edit to show only the action of each specified player. 


We can also  make a short highlight reel showing their best action and the best of their various skills in competition. For example, a basketball video would have a section on dribbling, shooting, passing, rebounding, and so on.   

College Students

See our
promotional page for how a promo video can help your program attract top athletes... so athletes know why to attend your college for their sport.

See our showcase page for an example of a video we can deliver to you.  You let us know what you want included in the video.

Gymnast Upside Down
Athlete Concentrating
High School Basketball Game
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