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About Us

As the owner of Reflex Sports, I am excited about entering a new phase of my sports video production business. For more than 20 years, we produced highlight and competition DVDs of professional sports and  individual athletes. As official producers for an international sports federation, we produced documentaries of two of their Olympic competitions. We also produced sports TV shows.    

We are applying our experience to the production of promotional videos for athletic programs, highlight videos for athletic scholarships and personal memories, scouting videos for colleges and videos for athletic sponsorship. Our aim is to give our customers a treasured record of their achievements and to help them reach their further goals. 


Preserving athletic memories is important to both my son and me. I began videotaping my athletically-oriented son when he participated in youth soccer, football, basketball and now high school basketball. I have created a showcase video to introduce him to colleges as a high school freshman and will continue to create more scholarship videos for him in his final three years of high school. To preserve his best play and development is an emotional experience that his family treasures. I want to give the same opportunity to all other athletes in every sport. 


Reflex Sports has the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals, whether it be a college or professional athletic career or a video to chronicle yourself in competition for personal memories.


Gary Ruderman, Owner

•Extensive sports video experience, editing skills
•Competitive pricing, pricing options
•We know sports and the recruiting system
•Our videos can help you attain a scholarship
•We help promote athletes, programs 
•We care and want to help in your success
•We know the importance of preserving sports memories

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