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Sponsorship VIDEO

•Pro Athletes Seeking Sponsorship

•Companies Who Sponsor Athletes

Athletes ---

If your goal is to make a career of your sport,  then you need  financial backing to be able to train and compete professionally. 

A professional video of your best action with a brief on-camera intro of what you are looking for will help in finding sponsorship.

It is similar to a showcase video (see on showcase page) but geared toward companies so they can see why they should sponsor you.  


Below is a sixteen minute video we made for a sports equipment company about one of the most successful athletes they sponsor. It shows his career achievements and best play

Sponsors ---

Produce highlight videos of athletes you currently sponsor. The videos can be used as      a promotional tool. For example, a DVD can be included with equipment you sell, especially if athlete - endorsed.  A video can also be a gift    for their birthday, retirement or for winning a big event. 

In addition, we can produce highlight videos  of athletes you are interested in sponsoring to promote your brand... to see their best action and achievements.  

Below is a promo for a DVD set we produced in cooperation with a sports equipment company about the most famous/greatest athlete they sponsor. The DVD set shows his career achievements & best play. 

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